Comic-Con 2007: Aliens Versus Predator

Fox may have pulled out of presenting the latest space monster free-for-all, but we have some news anyway...NECA has the toy rights, and that picture you see right there is the 2-up prototype for a 7" Alien figure.

I asked if this means that collectors of Movie Maniacs, Cult Classics, etc., can finally realize the dream of an 18" Alien or Predator...the NECA rep says that will probably depend on sales, and the success of the movie.

Though, as I pointed out, the success of this particular movie isn't the whole story -- as you can see, the alien looks just like it could've been in the James Cameron movie too, so even if fans don't like the newest movie, there's a market. A majority of sci-fi fans seemed to dislike the first Alien Versus Predator...but McFarlane Toys' line of figures sold out nonetheless.


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