Rick Sanchez: Tonight's top non-story...
Rick Sanchez: Tonight's top non-story...

CNN's Rick Sanchez, Guests, Viewers vs. Obama Birther Wingnuts

CNN's Rick Sanchez aired a story around noon Pacific time on what he characterized as a non-story: the growing "birthers" movement that claims President Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the U.S. and is, thus, constitutionally unqualified to be commander in chief.

You know, the non-story that OC Weekly has written and blogged about incessantly.

Sanchez showed video of a Republican congressman's recent speech before constituents getting taken over by birthers who wondered why their elected representative has not joined their crazy cause. The newsman was then joined by a representative of FactCheck.org and a conservative radio talk show host who both agreed the Obama birth certificate story is a non-story.

The radio shouter said if he was Obama's PR man, he'd have the president pause during one of his nationally televised addresses or press conferences to hold up his birth certificate and put the non-story to bed once and for all. But the FactCheck.org rep said Obama has already done that, and feeding the nutbars' fantasies does not seem very presidential.

Most following along on Sanchez's MySpace page seemed to agree with the FactChecker . . . 

Jesse: Pres. Barack Obama has a birth certificate and he gets attacked, yet these loons on the right praise someone who clearly had no birth certificate and espouse his values. I do believe his name was Jesus.

Debi'N'GA: Obama was born on American soil right? Hawaii?..

Randi: Rick....WTH are these people smoking??? This shows you how screwed up this country is.....

Debi'N'GA: As long as Obama was born on American soil, no matter his parents he is an American...at least that what is being said about the illegals

Tosh: maybe the right wing nuts don't know that hawaii is a part of the united states.

Randi: Guess what folks? Hawaii is a STATE...therefore Obama is a citizen!!! GOT THAT?????? I am not crazy about his policies, but gee whiz....he was born in the USA [pardon the Springsteenism]

SupaKat: This is coming from people that can't accept that he won the election.

Randi: Deb, sadly many kids and adults are dense about how their country works.....

Stacy: Hey All...The "birthers" are completely nuts. lol

Jesse: It figures that those on the right try to make it a point that those of us of color may not in fact be citizens. A child born in the US, whether the child's parents are citizens or not is a US citizen. A child born of US citizens in a foreign land is also a US citizen, yet those on the right wish not to believe this fact. I remember a few years ago when the GOP was thinking of adding an amendment to the Constitution which would have let Arnold Schwarzenegger (born in Austria) to be able to run for the Presidency. And now with Pres. Obama (who was clearly born in the US) the GOP says that those whom are born on foreign soil should not be allowed to run for the Presidency.

LaOlogist: Yep one word: B I T T E R!

Anne: Too bad there are so many racists out there who want to keep this garbage going around. His birth certificate has been online since the campaign and so has the birth announcement.


Tosh: no i don't believe he has to show his birth certificate on tv. That's crazy then he is pandering to those ppl. how come they are making an issue about this with him, they would never do this with any one else.

Debi'N'GA: Do you know I actually saw someone the other day say Louis Armstrong landed on the moon...I laughed so hard...obviously they didn't know that Louis Armstrong was a musician...go figure why someone might not know that Hawaii is apart of the US.

ImTheLeprechaun: rick...iranians are protesting for their freedom, there's a healthcare issue in america, not to mention a little "economic crisis" in the country right now and you're focusing on the nationality of barrack obama?...there's more important stuff going on!!!

Jesse: Tosh, I believe the GOP thinks Hawaii is another country. After all, it is seperated by a huge body of water. Alaska on the other hand is a State according to the GOP way of thinking because it is still connected to another piece of land, albeit Canada lol

Stacy: This insanity about President Obama not being born in the U.S.A. should be labeled for what it is...Psycho Talk.

LaOlogist: Obama does not need to lay any BC rumors to rest, cuz it's not an issue! It's 2009 and racism is still breeding!

Jesse: The issue of the birth certificate was brought up again when a guy in the military refused deployment orders because he believes that Pres Obama isn't a citizen and thus not a true President. I find it funny that he, the military man, refuses to go to war over some bogus issue and yet would go to war if Bush called him upon it even though said war has been proven illegal."

James: Then why has a military court sided with an Army Reserve Major in Florida who got his orders revoked based on the fact that Obama has not presented a Birth Certificate and he doesn't have to take orders from someone who is not eligable to be Commander in Chief. Why isn't the media reporting this."

Jesse: James, if you read the story you're referring to, they revoked his deployment orders solely on the basis that this Army Reserve guy was using this solely for political means and not a true objection to the war itself.

SupaKat: I am truly exhausted from all this Obama nit picking! Let's move on people!

Woman: keep it real. those white people that r against pres obama r afraid he wants to make white ppl a minority. i dont know y america still get shellshocked over how truly racist most white americans r.


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