Clay Bock Wins Orange County Register-Sea Org Endorsement

New head of the Orange County Register Sea Org editorial board.
New head of the Orange County Register Sea Org editorial board.
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The Orange County Register Editorial Board's endorsement in a November Garden Grove City Council race can mean only one thing:

The Church of Scientology finally got to the Church of Libertarianism Lite.

Proof can be found in these words:

“[T]hough we disagree with his zeal for eradicating marijuana dispensaries, we think Clay Bock would be best-suited to improving the city’s business climate and public safety while maintaining fiscal responsibility.”

Click here to note that the ed board only describes the District 3 council candidate as "jewelry store owner."

We wondered two months ago if Bock really is the "clear" choice for council, given his deep ties to Scientology’s rabid anti-psychiatry front, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

Opponent Thu-Ha Nguyen's sin, according to Bock and the paper, is that she supports the continued use of red light cameras—as if that form of Big Brotherism is anywhere near as terror-inducing as the CoS, Sea Org or CCHR.

Ah well, sounds like we need to calm our frazzled nerves with a nice, big fatty ... er, scratch that: As the paper of reefer notes, Bock wants to eradicate medical marijuana dispensaries, something those ink-stained former freedom lovers concede they were willing to overlook.

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