Classic, Old-School OC Anti-Mexican Racism Moment of the Day!

One of the reasons why I love writing historical-themed cover stories is that it gives me the excuse to look through years of microfilm of the county's old newspapers--not just the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times, but the county's many long-gone dailies. Not only are they time capsules, but they are chockablock with bloggable treasures that still resonate to a modern-day audience--like the reprehensible caricature of a Mexican in an 1924 Fullerton Daily Tribune op-ed cartoon--which, of course, is after the jump.

Keep on crossin'...
Keep on crossin'...

HILARIOUS! Special gracias to the gang over at Dissent the Blog for reverse-imaging my original copy, which was in glorious, discuss how those who forget the past blah blah blah!


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