Clarence Butterfield: Appeals Court Rejects Sex With Daughter Complaint By Nutty Killer

Clarence Butterfield claimed that his murder conviction should be overturned because an Orange County prosecutor improperly implied he'd had sex with his own 21-year-old daughter before killing her.

You can forgive law enforcement for believing something was kinky and terribly wrong with Butterfield beginning with the fact that he likely stripped his daughter Rebekah, hogtied her and locked her in a freezer, where she suffocated.

Oh, and there were these tidbits: The girl had also been shot eight times, according to an autopsy report of the corpse Butterfield left rotting in his mobile home for 22 months.

During his trial, Butterfield testified that he found Rebakah already dead and, based on his religious views, thought that she would heal if her corpse was locked in the freezer.

The autopsy report shows that the girl struggled against her bindings during the five or so gruesome minutes it took for her to lose conscience and die.

A California Court of Appeal considered Butterfield's complaint, but late last month determined that prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh's case was solid. They upheld the conviction. This murderer will continue to serve his life in prison sentence without the possibility for parole.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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