Mensinger: best political press photo in OC?
Mensinger: best political press photo in OC?

Claim: Costa Mesa Councilman Steve Mensinger Tracked by Political Enemies with GPS Device

The politics of Costa Mesa keep getting crazier and crazier by the week, especially in the controversy surrounding a lawsuit filed by Costa Mesa mayor Jim Righeimer and councilmember Steve Mensinger against the city's police department's union, their former law firm, and the firm's former investigator. Prepare for even more madness tomorrow--like, crazy madness.

That's when Mensinger's attorneys, Manly & Stewart (the famed firm that eviscerated the pedophile racket over at the Diocese of Orange) will hold a press conference at Harbor Court at 11 a.m. to unveil a shocking allegation: that Mensinger's enemies tracked him with a GPS device stuck to the undercarriage of his truck throughout most of 2012 in their campaign to discredit the councilmember and Righeimer due to their anti-union ways. Needless to say, Mensinger never approved to the tracking.

A recently amended complaint for the lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court today details the allegations, stating "This unlawful tactic enabled Defendants to track [Mensinger's] whereabouts, in furtherance of their conspiratorial plan to intimidate, harass, humiliate, and threaten him and [Righeimer] with respect to their positions as duly elected officials of the City of Costa Mesa. The complaint goes on to state that Mensinger believes that someone from the union side would constantly go to the councilmember's house to find the GPS device, download all the new data, and place it anew after the download was complete.

Hey, wasn't that an episode of Breaking Bad?

"When you find out that when people have been crawling around at your home putting tracking devices on it because of a political belief you hold, any right-thinking person would find that a grotesque invasion," says John Manly of Manly & Stewart. "You would expect it in Russia. You wouldn't expect it in Costa Mesa. Mark my words: this law firm is going to find out who did it, and they're going to be punished."

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