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Claim: Aaron Kushner Losing "Millions and Millions" of Dollars on OC Register

There is a very good source of mine at the Orange County Register who tells me things that all turn out to be true. He predicted, for instance, that the Reg would buy the Riverside Press-Enterprise, that Lorri Galloway would announce her Anaheim mayoral candidacy to columnist Frank Mickadeit, and other things. Unfortunately, the source will not reveal who they are, or offer any concrete proof to back up their claims--but they all become true.

For months, the source has been insisting that Reg owner Aaron Kushner has been losing millions of dollars on his paper, one that has been the darling of media watchers for expanding instead of contracting, hiring up instead of laying off, and for its feel-good approach to comforting the comfortable. I never doubted the source--but I couldn't confirm this fact. Well, now someone else is publicly making the same assertion--and they're doing it from Kushner's Boston base.

This Tuesday, the publisher of the shuttered-down Boston Phoenix told a panel that his sources are telling him Kushner is floundering big-time. "They are having a horrible time," Stephen M. Mindich said, as reported by Commonwealth Monthly. "They are losing millions and millions of dollars."

Media critic Jim Romenesko tried to contact Kushner to confirm or deny such a bold statement; Kushner sent his minister of information, Eric Morgan, to say "Freedom does not wish to comment." UH-OH...

Hey, source of mine: what else ya got?

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