Krumm: Bum
Krumm: Bum

Civil Trial of Pedo-Priests Gus Krumm and Alexander Manville Starts--Krumm Admits to Multiple Molestations

Man, I've been so pinche busy with...something that I just remembered that this week is the civil trial of pedo-priests Gus Krumm and Alexander Manville in Orange County Superior Court. And it sucks that I'm stuck behind a desk today because I'm missing out on a hella crazy deposition going on right now with Krumm.

On the witness stand, Krumm just admitted to molesting numerous boys, although he claims they were all of legal age. He also is stressing he only liked teenage boys--pre-pubescent kids weren't his thang, supposedly.

How civil of him!

The other explosive allegation: Krumm--a Franciscan friar who served at Sts. Simon and Jude in Huntington Beach during the early 1990s--says his superiors knew about his molestations. We'll get a copy of the deposition as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, Manville, according to our source, is also in court, currently "doing his best cadaver imitation." HA! Heckuva job, Brownie!


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