Citizen of the Week! Ray Michael Blackmore Can't Control His Penis

At the age of 18 in 1984, Orange County's Ray Michael Blackmore couldn't control his penis.

Blackmore stood outside a 16-year-old girl's bedroom window one night, reached inside, tried to yank off her shirt and failed.

While the girl called a 911 operator for help, he climbed through a kitchen window, knocked her down and began beating her in the head before her father intervened.

The crimes landed him in prison for two years.

In 1988, Blackmore agreed to pay a prostitute $100 for sex but once they got inside a motel room, he refused and applied force to the woman's broken ankle until she let him rape and sodomize her.

The prostitute called police but for unknown reasons he wasn't prosecuted, according to court records.

A year later, Blackmore exposed his penis to an eight-year-old girl who was walking home from school. When he grabbed the minor and tried to pull her into the bushes, witnesses intervened and he fled.

Those crimes won him a seven-year prison term.

When he got released, Blackmore began dating a woman and secretly molesting her nine-year-old daughter.

In 2006, Blackmore came home drunk, threw his girlfriend into the bedroom, locked the door, punched her face and demanded vaginal and anal sex. After a restroom break, he returned, tied her up, put a sock in her mouth to muffle her screams and beat her more. When he finished, he left the room and told the woman's kids that their mother "is crazy."

At his trial, Blackmore claimed that his girlfriend liked to be tied up for sex and insisted that she craved him so much that she wore out his penis in hopes that he wouldn't have sex with other women.

Blackmore: You think you could resist me?
Blackmore: You think you could resist me?

Blackmore: You think you could resist me?

A 2010 jury convicted him of kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault and battery as well as lewd and lascivious conduct on a minor--but couldn't agree on the rape charge.

As a Third Striker, Blackmore returned to prison, but appealed. Among his claims: The jury should have never heard evidence of his prior sexual offenses and that he'd been wrongly convicted of two crimes, kidnapping and false imprisonment, for the same acts.

On May 31, a California Court of Appeal rejected the prior sex offense complaint but agreed that he couldn't be convicted of both kidnapping and false imprisonment. They deleted the false imprisonment conviction.

Upshot: Blackmore, who is now 45, will continue to serve his prison sentence at Calipatria State Prison. Don't expect to see him back in society soon. He'll be 95 years old before he gets his first chance to ask for parole in about 2061.

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