Citizen of the Week! Jaime Rivera Used Lake Forest City Hall to Rape His Own Daughter

Beginning at the age of 11 and for the next four years, Jaime Rodriguez Rivera's daughter served as a sex slave in Orange County.

But, incredibly, that's not the most alarming fact.

The frail, skinny girl knew her serial rapist well.

He is her father.

An office cleaner by trade, Laguna Hill's Rivera frequently took his daughter with him to various OC businesses including churches, bookstores, an electric company and--get this--the Lake Forest City Hall--at night and, at his disgusting whim, used her for sex.

His incest included forcing the girl to drink beer and then fondling, digitally penetrating, raping and sodomizing her so often she bled, according to court records.

Perhaps because Rivera didn't believe he'd sunk low enough, he also let strangers rape his daughter in public settings.

When the girl was 12 years old, he took her with him to clean an Orange County race-car business and, once there, told two unknown men that she was 17 before allowing them to sodomized her, according to court testimony.

A year later, he took his daughter to a Lake Forest bookstore, ordered her to play "spin the bottle" with two different strangers as a way to strip her before the men took turns sodomizing her.

Jaime Rodriguez Rivera: Another sick father
Jaime Rodriguez Rivera: Another sick father

Whenever the terrified girl protested or struggled, Rivera employed a carrot and stick tactic. He'd threaten that she'd never see her siblings again if she talked. At other times, he told her that she was more than his daughter. She was, he explained, his "special" girlfriend and wife.

During the entire four years of the abuse the mother was present but unaware, according to court testimony.

At his 2010 trial, Orange County prosecutors easily convinced a jury that Rivera was guilty of 10 serious sex crimes including lewd acts on a child, aggravated sexual assault, forcible rape and forcible sodomy. Superior Court Judge Gregg L. Prickett sentenced him to prison. Unhappy, he appealed his convictions as unfair. There was no proof that he forced his daughter to participate in sex acts, he argued.

This week, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered and rejected Rivera's cries. They ruled there had been solid evidence that the girl felt duress during the incest.

"The defendant is the victim's father and, therefore, was in a position of authority over her," the justices wrote in a 12-page, March 13 opinion. "The victim testified she was scared of the defendant and always nervous that he might commit more sexual acts against her. The victim stopped trying to say 'no' to the defendant because he always ignored her . . . She felt unable to refuse the defendant."

Upshot: Rivera, 41, will continue to serve his 85 years to life prison sentence.

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