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PhotobucketOn Dec. 17, 2005, Gi Jeon Moon thought it would be cool to pull down his pants and masturbate next to a sleeping young woman. Though just friends who’d met at DUI classes several years earlier, she’d come to his Buena Park apartment that night for dinner. They drank beer, and after she’d become intoxicated, she asked to sleep over because she didn’t want to drive home drunk. Moon suggested more drinks. She declined, noting the late hour and her tired condition. Still being a gentleman, he suggested she sleep in his bed while he take the sofa. The woman—whom we’re not identifying because she’s a sex-crime victim—quickly fell asleep fully dressed. Moon continued to drink booze. Eventually, he convinced himself of the merits of sneaking back into the bedroom to quietly jack off without waking his guest. That plan might have worked, but temptation proved too much.

Moon entered the bedroom, stripped, worked up an erection, climbed into bed next to the sleeping woman, placed his penis on her thigh and began to grope her breasts. She awoke and told him to stop. Rejection didn’t suit Moon. He attempted to undress her, breaking the zipper on her blue jeans. They struggled. She bit his forearm. He repeatedly punched her in the face before grabbing her hair and yanking her off the bed. She crashed onto the floor, where Moon kicked her, wrapped his hands around her throat, squeezed and ordered her to “stop being a bitch.” His final act of violence included throwing a lamp and a clock at her. He demanded sex again and noted that she was “lucky” because his friends routinely gave their dates worse beatings if they resisted intercourse.

Injured and terrified, the woman devised a plan. She told him she sympathized and asked him to go to a drug store for medicine because she was bleeding profusely from the head, mouth and nose. Moon fell for it. As soon as he left, she fled and called police. They found a blood-soaked bed and bloody bedroom floor, even a clump of the woman’s hair.

After his arrest, Moon admitted his temper but argued that her presence in his bed meant she’d consented to sex. He also volunteered this equally ridiculous logic: It is “impossible” to rape a woman unless she’s been tied up with rope or wire. For 15 minutes of stupidity, the 5-foot-5, 130-pound man branded himself a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. Moon awaits sentencing.

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—R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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