Citizen of the Week!

Citizen of the Week!

As a Third Striker in the "Big Stanton" criminal street gang,

On a daily basis, the car thief/heroin addict/aggravated assault artist fed the middle school student methamphetamine, fondled her, forced her to give him blowjobs, and anally or vaginally raped her. If she didn't perform sex to his satisfaction, he beat her with his fists, viciously punched her in her vagina or threw objects, likes drinking glasses, at her face, according to law enforcement documents reviewed by OC Weekly.

Ocampo had at least one positive trait. He wasn't possessive. But he managed to ruin that trait too. At various Orange County "dope houses" not far from Disneyland, he made Doe have sex with other men in exchange for drugs. She got pregnant and had an abortion.

Sadly, we've previously seen similar scenarios in OC.

But what caught our attention in this case, however, is that Ocampo, a prior "graduate" of the drug-rehab Phoenix House and the lone brother to five sisters, was so gleeful about his sick accomplishments that he kept a trophy of sorts. When Anaheim police captured him in May 2008 as he walked down a street with the minor, he possessed not just two opium pipes and about a gram of meth, but also a cell phone that contained a video clip of the girl, stoned out of her mind, smoking the incredibly addicting narcotic.

Thanks to Deputy District Attorney Drew Haughton and a jury, Ocampo was sentenced in April by Judge Kazuharu Makino to spend the next 480 years in a California prison. There, he can perfect his favorite hobby: sketching.

(Periodically at, discover the depths of human depravity in Orange County, California.)

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--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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