Chuck Smith to Grim Reaper: Fuck Off

If God hasn't healed you or your loved ones from a life-threatening disease yet, it's probably because you're too far back in the line. Apparently, his priority is 85-year-old preachers.

The family of Chuck Smith, as well as the extended family known as the Calvary Chapel un-denomination he founded, is praising the Lord over news that he is healing the evangelical guru of lung cancer.
And the families of dying children collectively ask: Brother, can you spare a miracle?

Smith announced in January that he was diagnosed with the disease. Here is what his daughter, Janette Smith Manderson, posted on the Praying For Chuck Smith Facebook page on July 11:

"Prayer warriors, there has been a major victory in Dad's cancer battle! To God be the glory, great things He has done! Dad's newest scan revealed that the tumor is not metabolically active. The doctor said it is "DEAD". It has been shrinking significantly, so the doctor plans to keep Dad on the chemo and targeted therapy that he has been on the last few months. The blood cancer indicator (the CEA) test also revealed that those levels are down, too. Please keep up the prayers because the Lord has been hearing and granting the requests of our lips.
Praise God! I am so thankful tonight to share this wonderful news with you, our family in Christ."

Smith's tumor has reportedly shrunk five times from its original size. There's a joke there somewhere.

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