Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Founder, Announces He Has Lung Cancer

The news is blasting through the Christian world that Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith has lung cancer.

"Please pray for Pastor Chuck Smith, Sr.!" reads Calvary Chapel's current Facebook status update. "Today it was announced cancer has been found in his lung; there is uncertainty as to the extent. We are expecting to know more regarding prognosis and treatment after Tuesday. Please pass on this request of prayer for him, [Chuck's wife] Kay, and the rest of the family."

Smith made the announcement at the Calvary Chapel Santa Ana Costa Mesa mother ship today, being anointed by his pastors in oil.

Let's not forget that Chuckie proclaimed in October regarding Calvary Chapel critic/abuse survivor Alex Grenier, "I feel sorry for the guy because...what I could do wouldn't hurt much, but I'll tell you what the Lord can do can really...I'm glad I have the Lord on my side."

The Lord sure works in mysterious ways, eh?


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