Chuck Smith Agrees With China: Children Are a Liability

Being the pious and compassionate souls we are, the Weekly staff continues to lift Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith up to the Lord as he battles cancer. The longer he lives, the more money quotes we get!

Chuck, who once pissed off family advocates by telling a caller to his Pastor's Perspective radio show that God wouldn't condemn her for having an abortion, has once again irked the values voters, this time saying children are a liability.

Chuck was dispensing wisdom on birth control during an April 30 segment of his show when he said:

"You know it used to be that a lot of children were assets. A child coming into the home was an asset because it was an agrarian society and you all had your own farms and the more children, the more help you had on the farm, and all. But, you know, as time went on and we became really a, no longer an agrarian society, but, you know, one that was really sort of dependent upon manufacturing, and so forth, children no longer became an asset, but they became a liability, and I think that when you figure now how much it costs to raise a child through high school and all, a lot of people, you know, they say, 'well, who needs them?' you know, because it just does cost a huge amount of money to clothe and feed them and all when they are not really producing or are productive and bringing back into the family, you know, financial assets and so forth, and thus they are a liability, rather than an asset today."

Now, to be fair and balanced, Chuck did say he loves the liabilities the Lord has blessed him with. Co-host Don Stewart added that the Bible says one who doesn't take care of his family is worse than an infidel, and that God's command to fill the earth has pretty much been fulfilled.

Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese activist who fights against forced abortions and sterilizations in his country, was not immediately available for comment. Nor did we actually try to call him.

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