Chuck DeVore's New Career: Blogger
John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Chuck DeVore's New Career: Blogger

We should have seen this coming from the California Republican party's greatest geek politician, the man who posed with an iPhone on the cover of the Weekly and who, as we long ago predicted he would, ran the most Snakes On a Plane-like campaign (plenty of hype, laughed at and with, not enough people show up when it counts) of the 2010 primaries. 

Yes, Chuck DeVore, lame-duck state assemblyman and ex-U.S. Senate candidate, has launched a nicely laid out blog at which he can practice his punditry.

Take a look at

. No longer is it plastered with rotators and pleas for donations and pictures of Mark Levin's smirk. Rather, we get a clean, single-column blog with news round-ups, links to DeVore's radio appearances and a few posts with Chuck speaking his mind.

This item about the Muslim Students Union being kicked off campus UC Irvine has a neatly cropped, right-aligned photo that would make our own web editor proud. And it's an interesting read, too, because we finally get a look into DeVore's history with the MSU. The guy had been talking trash on them a lot, and now we see why.

Keep up the good work, Chuck. We hear there's riches and great fame to be had in blogging!


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