Chuck DeVore Reveals Plot, Escalates War With Don Henley

Thanks to Twitter -- something that I really try to thank very rarely -- we quickly found out State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore's reaction to Don Henley's DeVore-related legal beef with the Weekly.

Chuck twote: "Don Henley's legal goons threaten a liberal weekly over their posting and mocking of my mockery, egads!"

Then he called up Daily Pilot City Editor Paul Anderson to giggle about his tomfoolery. Read the full exchange here, on Anderson's blog. DeVore reveals his plans, though, as follows:

Now Chuck's got big ideas. He's going to get some professional studio time to make the next video and he's basically begging Henley to sue him now because he's confident he can win.

"I know my rights. I'm willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court," he said.

He knows that will make it a national story and the money will just come rolling in.

"You wonder at what point the DNC or Boxer will just tell him to shut up," DeVore said.

Attention is what he wanted all along with this video. We're guilty of giving him some in the first place, and, uh, later too. Henley's got a ten-day window to respond to DeVore's counterclaim to YouTube asking them to reinstate the video, and DeVore's hoping the Eagle takes him to court.

In the meantime, we're going to be more sparing in our coverage of this adorable fiasco. In the words of a silly politician with little hope of winning that senate seat he's seeking: "egads!"


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