Chuck Devore, Don Henley And The End Of Civilization...

We're a few days late to this April Fools project from the Chuck DeVore for Senate campaign. Somehow, we're not the only ones to miss the premier, as only 591 people have seen the thing. There are really no words to help here. Just watch.

Justin Hart, the campaign's director of internet strategies and new media, assured me in an email that it was him singing, not the Assemblyman. Mr DeVore did write the lyrics, though, and published them last week on Big Hollywood.

The new-media department is really the main thing that the DeVore campaign has going for it at the moment, especially in light of an increasingly likely primary challenge from super-rich ex-CEO celeb Carly Fiorina. The DeVore camp might be small, not-well-known, and facing a popular incumbent Democratic senator (Barbara Boxer), but they're willing to do what no other challenger would: Tear every conceivable page from the netroots-activism playbook, wad them into spitballs, and then shoot them into yawning morass of the Internet.

Chuck DeVore: Willing to look like a buffoon -- and subject himself to snarky blog attacks (ahem) -- in hopes of becoming the Snakes On A Plane of the 2010 elections. Except, like, successful.

And, Hart says, there'll be a non-April Fools contest related to this video, details to be announced next week. Of course, that's assuming that the gods of taste, tunes and the Eagles haven't decided to smite the Earth by then.


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