Christopher Jordan Dorner Nightmare Fallout: $40,000 to Ladies Whose Truck Cops Shot Up

Remember those two ladies whose truck and, in the case of one, selves were shot up by Los Angeles Police Department officers freaked out during the manhunt for presumed cop killer-turned-charcoal briquette Christopher Jordan Dorner? The City of LA has agreed to cut Emma Hernandez and Maggie Carranza a $40,000 check to pay for the blue Toyota Tacoma turned into a Swiss cheese template as the mother and daughter tried to deliver newspapers to whoever subscribes to those things in Torrance on Feb. 7.

Police "say" they believed Dorner was inside the truck, which brings to mind the old Saturday Night Live skit that had cops firing on suspects before yelling "Freeze!"

10 Who Have Been or Could be Mistaken for Manhunt Subject Christopher Jordan Dorner

The city is also to pay the taxes on a new truck originally promised by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and attorney fees. But though City Attorney Carmen Trutanich marveled during a press conference Thursday how quickly and easily the agreement came together, the deal does not preclude the women from filing a civil suit.

Dorner's murderous spree is believed to have begun Feb. 3 with the fatal shooting of an Irvine couple, which included the daughter of a retired LAPD captain who along with other cops from the agency were targeted in the suspect's freaky online manifesto. Increasing the air of uncertainty during those dark days was the shooting death of a cop in Riverside, where a second was also injured by gunfire, and two LAPD detectives who were fired upon in Corona.

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