Chris Myers, GOP Mayor, Used Newport Beach Hotel With Male Escort?

Republican politician says this picture was doctored
Republican politician says this picture was doctored
Image captured from Google

Various news outlets are reporting that a male hooker claims a New Jersey Republican politician hired him for an illicit, $500 rendezvous inside an Orange County hotel and has pictures to prove it.

According to the Huffington Post, Chris Myers--the GOP mayor of Medford and an unsuccessful 2008 congressional candidate--has been accused by the unidentified homosexual prostitute of also stiffing him of promised gifts--including a BMW--after their alleged October 2010 Fairmont Newport Beach affair.

A the escort's tale along with various photos that claim to be images of the underwear-clad elected official in hotel room 472.

But the site now lists a "frozen" status with its content unavailable.

Mayor Myers: Is it raining men?

Myers, who is married with two kids, has told New Jersey reporters that he can't remember if he was visiting Orange County at the time, but insists that the accusation is false and that the photos may have been doctored by the "rent boy" in a "crazy" effort to smear him.

Mmmmm, donuts...
Mmmmm, donuts...
Image captured from Google

Image captured from Google
Mmmmm, donuts...

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--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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