Heath: Driving a Prius while the county's poor Catholics lose their schoolsEXPAND
Heath: Driving a Prius while the county's poor Catholics lose their schools

Chris Heath, Vain Dana Point Catholic Priest, Continues Claim that Catholics Are Persecuted

The last time we had checked in on Christopher Heath, a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Orange, he had just shut down his personal blog, which had such gems as pictures of his personal trainer, him driving in a Prius, his just-whitened (with what???) teeth--oh, and a bunch of posts claiming that all those nasty sex-abuse victims were trying to destroy the Catholic Church.

Heath is still at the Catholics-are-persecuted game down at St. Edward the Confessor in Dana Point, as he railed about that point this past Sunday during a sermon.

According to the orthodox Catholic website California Catholic Daily, Heath's sermon was on the myth being promulgated by the nation's Catholic bishops: that President Barack Obama is bringing back the Inquisition by telling the Church and its institutions that they must provide birth control to its employees. It's a big-ass ruse, but one that has been successful and only shows how wussy the lamestream media is in considering anything uttered by a group of men who protected pedophiles to be legitimate.

"The world thinks we're a bunch of idiots who need to be forced to do what they think is best," Heath told the St. Edward faithful, whom CalCatholic reported an onlooker said, "For his efforts Fr. Chris received a rousing round of applause from the vast majority of those present."

"Contraception and abortion are bad for the soul, bad for marriage, and bad medicine," Heath continued--and he'd know this how?

Actually, Chris, the world thinks Catholics are a bunch of idiots for supporting pedophile apologists such as yourself, your bishop, and the lot of your crew. Ever preach about the guy who was there before you, rapist John Lenihan? And the other four pedo-priests that St. Edward hosted? Of course not--that would require courage, of which you have none. Stick to posting weak, vaguely homoerotic pictures on your personal blog--and heckuva job, Brownie!

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