Can't Touch That!
Can't Touch That!

Chiropractor Says Patients Didn't Know Touching Was Sexual

Squeezed buttocks, twisted nipples, stroked vaginas and asked for intercourse.

--Actions Orange County, California chiropractor Chi Van Pham (pictured) took with underage patients. Following his convictions, an imprisoned 43-year-old Pham this week lost his argument that there was insufficient evidence the girls knew he was touching them in a sexual way. Sickened appellate justices noted, "There appears to be no limit to the ability of our species to devise new and different bad things to do to each other."

Believe it or not, Pham wasn't the first to try this legal move. In a prior California case, a doctor who masturbated a patient's penis during various steroid treatments unsuccessfully argued that he couldn't be held criminally responsible because he never told the patient he wouldn't whack him off. That doctor lost the point, but was freed on a technicality.

For his sex crimes, Pham is serving a seven-year-prison sentence.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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