Cheerleading Scandal: CSULB Forfeits National Title After Non-Student Competed With The Team

​The Cal State Long Beach Cheer Team forfeited a national title last week after it was discovered that a non-student competed with the team.

Gimme a S-H-A-D-Y. 

The coed team won the National Cheerleaders Association Small Coed Division I championship title the weekend of April 9-10 at the Collegiate Championships in Daytona Beach, Fla. While watching the championship video, the supervisor who oversees the cheer team noticed a male student who had graduated in December, the Daily 49er reports. With the rule that team members must be current students, the university voluntarily forfeited the title.   

Christina Esparza, communications coordinator for student body government Associated Students Inc. (ASI), says the school is investigating one other possible non-student on the team.   

ASI has fired the cheer team's longtime coach, Eric Anderson, who has led the team to multiple championships. The CSULB cheerleaders have been featured on FOX's Glee.  

"The cheer team worked really hard and it's unfortunate that because of one mistake, they had to forfeit the title," Esparza says. "But there's no doubt that we're gonna grow from this and maybe we'll win the title next year."  


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