Cheater, Cheater, Peter the Anteater! [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Did you hear how UC Irvine tried to tell 500 students it had accepted for the upcoming school year...that they were no longer accepted? A total comedy of errors. Administrators are trying their damndest to clean up the mess, but not before Weekly cartoonist Algae came up with the above stinger. Here's his artist's statement:

UC Irvine is competing with Trump for the Most Incompetent Administration Award. After over-enrolling the freshman class, the University decided to renege on 500 acceptance letters, only to reinstate 290 students after being outed in the press. Then, UCI launched the Anteater Leadership Academy scam. It gave a 50% discount on tuition while removing students' status and privileges. First-year students were denied campus housing and financial aid and allowed only a limited number of classes. Students know a red herring when they smell one, and most avoided this stinker. For his part, Chancellor Gillman stated, “Yadda yadda yadda …apology, …heartbreaking, …unacceptable.” The only thing missing was “Make UCI Great Again!”



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