Cheap Disney Trick

Want to enter the Anaheim house of Mouse without paying the hefty fee? Apparently, you can get a free hour at Disneyland with a "shopping pass," which is designed to let forgetful souvenir shoppers in to snag some loot. From

A shopping pass may be obtained by visiting the Guest Services Window next to the Main Entrance of Disneyland. The shopping pass provides 60 minutes of park admission at no charge. To obtain a pass, you will need to provide a valid credit card or cash in the amount of a 1-Day Ticket for deposit. You will then be given a ticket with a specified return time. When you return to Guest Services within the specified time, you will not be charged for a 1-Day Ticket. The shopping pass is not available after 4 pm.

Note that the keepers of the Disney gate are pretty darn strict. Stay longer than the allotted hour and they'll throw that day pass fee atcha.

Update: One comment-leaver points us to an earlier OCW article that touches on the latter. (Read the last paragraph.)


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