Charity Office Burglarized Again

This mentioned the Thanksgiving weekend burglary at the United Labor Agency of Orange County in Garden Grove, where 20,000 pounds of food, more than $25,000 worth of donated toys and other items for the benefit of underprivileged families were taken.

Fortunately, local do-gooders helped save the day, providing so many replacement toys, food and clothing that United Labor was able to not only offset the original $100,000 loss but help out Southwest Community Center in Santa Ana, which lost food and gifts it had collected for the needy in a fire last week.

Sadly, burglars have struck United Labor Agency again.
Some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a burglar or burglars smashed a 2-by-2 foot window to gain entry into the office at 13252 Garden Grove Blvd. before making off with a laptop and camera, the Orange County Register reports.

Garden Grove police, who were able to collect DNA evidence, are reportedly unsure if the break-ins are connected.


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