Chargers Aren't Coming Now, But San Diegans Fear They May Be Later

The San Diego Chargers ended speculation about an immediate move to Orange or Los Angeles counties. But their announced marketing of themselves here and to the north is driving fears among fans they won't be sticking around long.

PonchoVilla on
This one smells like a move. It always starts like this with rumors, speculations and then, 'Here is your chile relleno. Los Angeles Chargers? Anaheim Chargers? The new SDLA Chargers?

xli on
Separated by only 100 miles, it is very possible for the Chargers to become a SoCal team. San Diego might not like it, but it could be a gold mine.

slimsocal on
2009 San Diego Chargers
2010 San Diego Chargers of Southern California
2011 Los Angeles Chargers?
Sure would make a good business sense.

Not everyone down south would mind a move. 

Here's Ernie on
I would be more than happy to help them pack.

And Patrick, same site:
It doesn't matter, the Chargers are turning into the Padres by letting all their stars go, i.e., LT, Merriman, Hoffman, Greene and Peavey. I go to Anaheim anyway to see the Angels and Ducks.

And James, same site:
The days of the Chargers and the Spanos screwing this city are over. Happy trails to you, if you can find some other fools to make a deal with you.

And San Diegan Charles Oakey, on LA's
I've lived in San Diego since 1968. Charger fans are the biggest phonies in sports...only caring about "their" team when it's winning (remember the city ticket guarantee?) and obsessing about the Raiders. I look forward to the day the Chargers leave San Diego and take the name "Chargers" with them.

And Garden Grove's scsupercharges on
If the Chargers moved to LA (or Orange County), they should be renamed the "Southern California Superchargers"! 

Finally, a fellow named Michael, who is not from California, unwittingly has an Orange County-tinged solution, on TheBleacherReport:
Just out of curiosity, what's in between LA and San Diego? What would a move to the middle produce except cheap land to build a bigger stadium, more parking and they can keep the name?

The San Diego Chargers of Anaheim? Or Irvine? Or Lower East La Palma? Perhaps. Not so sure about the "cheap land" though, Michael.


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