Chapman Girls (and Boys) Gone Wild!

When I graduated from Chapman University in 2001, it was a staid campus—but changes were a'coming. Buildings were getting erected; enrollment was increasing. And somewhere in the student body that followed my graduating class, someone came up with the brilliant idea—for Web editors and dirty old men, at least—of the Undie Run.

This semi-annual jaunt through the streets of Old Town Orange—held on finals week for the spring and winter semesters—is now an Orange County tradition on par with the swallows returning to Capistrano and the missed deadlines to build a Great Park. And while we'll have to wait until winter to see them in the flesh anew, behold some snapshots from last week's Undie Run. And if you think these pictures are scandalous, just go to our slideshow to see more bent-over coeds in G-strings than any professor should ever see in his life. Enjoy!

* Click HERE for slideshow! *

This article appeared in print as "Girls (and Boys) Gone Wild! Photos from Chapman U's 2012 Spring Undie Run."


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