Chapman Filmmakers Raise Community Voices

Six documentaries screening tonight at Marion Knott Studios in Orange not only display the talents of student filmmakers enrolled in Chapman University's Dodge College but some Orange County causes that also warrant your attention.

The 7 p.m. event, which benefits local charities, is free.
The films are:

  • Joyce -- A look at the challenges of aging through the eyes of a woman who has replaced her family's daily attention with her own strong faith.
  • Among Giants -- An examination of the extreme practices of California environmentalists, and the experience of one man who lives his life in a tree. 
  • Enrolled -- A bio-doc on Rose, a young Native American woman trapped between two worlds: her home on the reservation and far away at college, where she is finding success.
  • Hold My Hand -- A visit with Eliza, who has lived her life with Down's Syndrome. Her upbringing is questioned.
  • A Salton Soul -- An intimate portrait of June, who is almost as old as the Salton Sea. As she nears the end of her life, the sea begins to dry up, mirroring the natural cycle of birth, death, and change. 
  • Modern Man -- A celebration of Fernando, a young male dancer at the local Wooden Floor dance troupe. He comes to terms with the inherent losses and joys that come with entering adulthood.

"The Community Voices program offers our students the opportunity to explore this magic while simultaneously being of direct and impactful service to the causes they care about right here at home, in Orange County," explains assistant professor Sally Rubin. "As part of their film school experience they have the chance to experience themselves as leaders and change makers in their communities; an opportunity very rare indeed."

The screenings in Folino Theater will be followed by refreshments and Q&A sessions with the student filmmakers. No RSVP is necessary.


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