Tuition money well spent at the winter 2009 undie run.
Tuition money well spent at the winter 2009 undie run.
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Chapman Cracks Down on Undie Run [UPDATE: Hard!]

​Administrators at Orange's Chapman University have their panties in a bunch about the once-a-semester undie run.

According to student newspaper
the Panther

, the problem for Chapman isn't the run itself. Rather, it's the after parties. Unlike in past semesters, there won't be a school-sponsored event following the May 19 run, and anyone caught hosting a party will face probation.

Writes the Panther:

Last semester, a sexual assault was reported to have occurs at the after-party and contributed to why administrators chose to discontinue supporting the after-party.

"We felt like it was not an environment that was easy to ensure safety," Price said.

The after-party has also increased student turnout when students should be studying for finals, he said.

"My preference is that students find another tradition," Price said. "We are trying to reclaim the normalness of Wednesday night on finals week."

Fear not, though, Chapman under-wearers. An intrepid undergrad has announced on Facebook that he'll be hosting a shindig off campus--at a secret location! Not even the 1,800 kids who have already RSVP'd know where it'll be. They'll be taken there by buses. Anyone else think this sounds like a Joe Francis plot?

UPDATE May 13: We were forwarded this Facebook message from undie-run after-party organizer Adam Whitfield. Looks like no party after all. But Whitfield has come up with an Old School-worthy way of protesting the administration's fussiness. Read on...

So I'm gonna cut right to the chase..
Chapman has been putting major pressure on me to NOT host an off campus after party. I don't want to piss them off. I will be canceling the off campus after party for this year.

The Undie-Run is still going to happen. Please meet at the Attallah Piazza for the start of the Undie-Run. Memorial Hall/Lawn will be closed.

To show support for the after party bring an extra pair of undies and toss it in the tree next to the gym. (you'll see a sign).

See you at 11:45 Wed night Attallah Piazza

Stay Tuned For Updates
-Adam Whitfield


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