Celebrity Surf Jammin'

Ain't nothin' like a Saturday spent on Huntington Beach watching surfers compete with actors and singers to see who ... actually, nah, just to rip shit up, check out fembot-lookin' fan girls and have good times at the 2nd Annual Surfrider Foundation Celebrity Surf Jam. And good times were had.

A group of people told Minnie Driver to smack me with her surfboard so I would get out of her way (everyone on the beach was shouting, how was I supposed to know the people nearby happened to be shouting at me?). Sorry, Minnie. Some gorgeous brunette Kate Hudson type made doe eyes at me once or twice. It made me want to be a better man. I was busy trying to figure out a decent approach when I looked behind me. There stood Brandon Boyd of Incubus fame. Enjoy Incubus. I dediced the girl probably wasn't checking me out.

The ladies lined up for photos with Rob Machado after a productive session at Rob's Peak.

As Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros among others) strolled into the VIP area, a Surfrider volunteer stopped him; "I loved your last album." This as he also racks up big points in this lark of a surf competition - how often do you bump into such multitalented guys? Oh, there's Brandon Boyd again. Serious lady-meat. Boyd1.jpg

The girl with the Ignition TV-shirt is scathingly hot, and one of the very few females on the beach who doesn't seem star-struck by Incubi.

IgnitionGrrl.jpg Surfer babies are indescribably, mind-numbingly cute. They're totes adobie.

Thanks to Kim Peterson of Surfrider for helping me find my way around and that three-quarters of a Rubio's fish taco that quite possibly saved my life. And to Minnie Driver for not actually smashing her board into the small of my back.


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