Second prize: steak knives.
Second prize: steak knives.

Celebrate Tax Day With a High-Tech Toilet, "An Inconvenient Tax" Film

Ah, Tax Day. What better day to get a spritz up your butt crack?

Through Tax Day, which is . . . well . . . today (Yikes! Gotta file that return!), anyone who becomes a Facebook fan of Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance is automatically entered in a contest where the grand prize is a "famed" Japanese HomeTECH toilet.

"In designing a hotel to be appealing to both a Western and Eastern clientele, the Miyako Hybrid installed the HI-3001 WT 'Feel Fresh' Bidet n' Wash Hygiene System in each of their 208 guest rooms and 12 suites," hotel operators explain. "This toilet seat and Toto toilet, which retails for close to $600, features a push button control panel, warm water wash, twin spray nozzles, and comfortable heated seat."

Warm buns? How novel!

The deadline to enter is 8 tonight. If you'd like to check the place and its porcelain amenities, go to 21381 S. Western Ave., Torrance.

It's LEED-silver-certified!

And Roto-Rooter approved!

You probably won't feel nearly as flushed if you duck into Kennedy Hall, Room 237, in the Chapman University School of Law in Orange at 7 tonight. That's where a free screening of the documentary An Inconvenient Tax rolls.

An Inconvenient Tax - Trailer from Life Is My Movie Entertainment on Vimeo.

Chapman University Tax Law Society and ABA Young Tax Lawyers present An Inconvenient Tax, which premieres at 40 locations around the country today.

The documentary explores the history of the income tax and brings to light the causes of its many complexities. On-screen commentators include Noam Chomsky, Steve Forbes, Joseph Thorndike, Mike Huckabee, Charles Rossotti, Dave M. Walker, Neal Boortz, Michael Graetz, Daniel Shaviro and Leonard Burman.

"Political favoritism, ineffective social programs, and economic manipulations all reveal the need for tax reform," say producers. "But how can Americans decide the best way to change the income tax when few people even understand the tax code or the vast extent to which it truly affects the country?"

. . . By hanging tea bags from our ears?

Well, it was a solid guess. 

While admission is free parking may not be. Consider it a Chapman Parking Control tax. Visitor parking is available in the structure just behind the law school building; permits at the machines inside the structure are $2 for 2 hours or $3 for four hours.

For more information about the screening, call (714) 628-2535 or email

Taxpayer ID not necessary.


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