Celebrate Saving Trestles by Tying One On. Or Two. Or a Dozen

The Surfrider Foundation South Orange County Chapter hosts a "Trestles Victory Party" at 8:30 p.m. Friday at O.C. Tavern, 2369 S El Camino Real, San Clemente.

The little surfer girls and boys feel like hoisting a few in honor of the U.S. Commerce Department deciding against overturning the California Coastal Commission's previous rejection of the Transportation Corridor Agency's proposed toll-road route through San Onofre State Park and too close for comfort to the world-class surf breaks of Trestles. Scores of water lovers from Surfrider and other groups came out to a boisterous Commerce Department fact-finding hearing at Del Mar Fairgrounds in September.

In fact, Friday, Feb. 6, is the one year anniversary of the Coastal Commission vote to strike down the Foothill/South 241 toll-road proposal, so that calls for a second round. Then there was this from yesterday about the TCA's shaky bond ratings, which should further prevent any urge to splurge on a Trestles-wrecking road, so bring us a third, barkeep. And there was the TCA deciding at a recent board meeting not to pursue legal action against the federal government and instead reach out to "stakeholders" for a different traffic solution, and should that traffic solution not involve mucking up Trestles or carving through a state park, why that deserves yet another round. Heck, let's just have it and assume it'll be a Trestles-friendly route. It's not like they can afford to build it without bond financing.

Woooooo, now I'm feeling woozy. There may not be a road to ride on, but can somebody be my designated surfer, er, driver?


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