It's Don't-Drink-Like-a-Fish Friday the 13th!
It's Don't-Drink-Like-a-Fish Friday the 13th!
Illustration by Jay Brockman/OC Weekly

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel Checkpoints

UPDATE, JAN. 13, 2:44 P.M.: The Orange County Sheriff's Department is also holding a DUI checkpoint tonight, from 7 through 3 a.m. Saturday somewhere in Laguna Niguel.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 13, 5:07 A.M.: Setting up the possibility for someone to have the worst Friday the 13th EVER, the Santa Ana Police Department holds a DUI/drivers license checkpoint from 9:30 tonight through 2:30 a.m. Saturday.


The area of 1400 S. Bristol St., according to a police advisory.

Of course, if roads are still as slick as they are as this is being pounded out, they could usher in a sucky F13 as well.

"The checkpoint will be staffed by officers trained in the detection of alcohol and drug impairment to provide on-the-spot assessments of drivers suspected of alcohol or drug impairment," vows Santa Ana PD.

Funding comes from a California Office of Traffic Safety grant, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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