CCIR Suffered Hackers, Barbara Coe Her Usual Wacky Self

Sometime last week, someone hacked into the email of California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe and started spamming the hell out of her subscribers. On June 22, she finally got the problem under control. "I know the last few days have been a nightmare of a deluge of emails coming to you non-stop," she wrote to CCIR members. "It was determined that our system was hacked by someone who wanted to cause CCIR some serious problems. However, some dear friends made it possible to install a top-of-the-line security program and it APPEARS the problem is solved. IF this problem recurs, PLEASE let me know ASAP."

Poor Babs is now paranoid. On Monday, she sent out another email to people trying to drum up support for Ted Hayes, who's running against Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and a modification of Special Order 40 called Jamiel's Law, after the teen killed by an illegal cholo. "Note: Pro-illegal alien racist hate group people who respond will be checked out via our extensive network," Babs scrawled. "If confirmed YOU are a pro-illegal alien traitor, your message will be immediately deleted by CCIR so please do not bother."

We wonder what constitutes a pro-illegal alien traitor in CCIR's book. Her side despises Republican nominee John "Juan" McCain, but their hero Tom Tancredo has already gone on the record as voting for him—is Tom a traitor, Babs? And unless Babs grows her own food, a couple of illegals probably picked the crops or cut the meat that she eats—and even if no illegals touched the ingredients of her grub, the cost of food is infinitely cheaper because of cheap labor borne from the invasion. Are you a traitor, Babs? At this point in our globalized economy, the only Americans not affected or participating in the illegal-immigrant waltz are hippie commune freaks—and betcha most of them are for open borders.

One final gem from Coe, from a June 13 email:

I too am tired of hearing about Mexican "family values"! My brother lived in Mexico over 30 years and in many Mex families, it was acceptable for the father to sexually molest his own children and the mother (and the children) were forbidden (by the father) to report it to the authorities.


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