CCIR Doesn't Just Hate Mexicans

Few groups have provided a better glimpse into Orange County conservatism's evil, noxious soul like the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, which has provided the Weekly with much fodder over the years. CCIR head Barbara Coe and her minions usually go after illegal aliens (read: Mexicans), so it was nice to see Babs also hates Muslims as well--and she makes no distinction between legal and illegal Muslims, terrorist or non-terrorist Muslims. Just Muslims.

Last Thursday, Coe sent out a mass email to her group forwarding this Snopes-worthy list of Islam's sins. "Please read!," she screeched (even in her emails, Coe sounds like a crow). "I have just read "The Haj" by Leon Uris which reveals the pure EVIL instilled (from birth) within those who worship Allah and comply with the teachings of the Koran (torture, maim, murder all 'infidels'). And this is what Pres. Bush calls a 'religion of peace' and urged us to welcome them into our communities? We can only wonder how many mosques are, in reality, 'terrorist cells'?"

We're not really surprised about Coe's feelings: after all, it was CCIR who once hosted a high schooler who said he wanted to kill Muslims for a living upon graduation. That high schooler was Tim Bueler, longtime spokesman for the Minuteman Project. But Babs can no longer claim she's just against illegal aliens--she's also against about one-sixth of humanity. Good luck with that, Babs!


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