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CBS "48 Hours Mystery" on Saturday Features OC Murder By Ex-NFL Linebacker Eric Naposki

For all of you wondering what a murderous, ex-NFL buffoon sounds like should tune into CBS's "48 Hours Mystery" for "Murder in the OC" on Saturday night.

The hour long show will focus on Eric Naposki--a former Indianapolis Colt and New England Patriot turned dirt poor Orange County bar bouncer, who was convicted earlier this year for being half of a money-hungry duo that murdered ultra-wealthy Newport Beach businessman William McLaughlin in Dec. 1994.

Newsflash: Naposki, a current 44-year-old Orange County Jail resident who faces life in a California prison when sentenced, is claiming that he knows the identity of the real killer.

Are you seated? Can you breathe? It's not him, he's telling anyone who'll listen.

(No word yet on why the former NFL linebacker waited until he'd been convicted of murder before he volunteered that he can finger the real villain.)

Nanette Packard Johnston, Naposki's accused accomplice and the victim's fiancee, faces veteran homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy and her own murder trial in coming weeks. She is represented by public defender Mick Hill.

According to a Boston Globe story today, Naposki is claiming that Johnston, his lover at the time of the crime, hired a hit man to kill McLaughlin.

"My alibi was true," he told Globe reporter Stan Grossfeld in a jailhouse interview.

New York author Stella Sands is preparing a book on the case and also extensively interviewed Naposki this week.

The CBS show airs at 10 p.m.

NBC's "Dateline" is also preparing its own related show.

You can read previous Weekly coverage of the case HERE, HERE and HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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