Catholic Worker Kicks Out the Jams for the Homeless

Catholic Worker Kicks Out the Jams for the Homeless

Jam will be flowing at the Catholic Worker's Isaiah House in Santa Ana Saturday.

So will jams.

The neighborhood homeless shelter is combining an event where jam is made for the homeless and jams are made by jazz musicians whose music will be playing.

It could be called a "Community Jam Jams" or "Community Jams with Jam," but organizers have gone the easy route with "Community Jam."

Jam central: Isaiah House
Jam central: Isaiah House

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Oh, and speaking of them--Leia and Dwight Smith, I mean--they were hoping you would bring fruits from your backyard trees to them before Saturday so the delights could be readied for jam making.

However, a certain blogger failed to alert you to this until now. It'd be great if you deliver some donated fruit to Catholic Worker like, uh, right now. But donations will be accepted the day of the event, too.

Community Jam runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Isaiah House, 316 S. Cypress Ave., Santa Ana.

Call Leia at 714.835.6304 if you need any more details or further assistance.

And get ready to jam!

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