Catching Mitt

Hey parents! Want to pay a couple hundred smackers to bring the family out to meet a guy who has no hope of becoming president? And never mind that -- could anything be more appealing than a barbecue hosted by a guy who not only won't touch alcohol, but doesn't even approve of caffeine?

That's right, Mitt Romney's coming to town to cook up some pulled pork (actual, not budgetary) for people who want to give him even more money than he already has. It's at 5 p.m. today at the Strawberry Farms Golf Course, 11 Strawberry Farms Road, Irvine.

And how much does this privilege cost, you may ask? They answer:

As with most campaign appearances, this is a fund-raiser. But you probably know that most Presidential fund-raisers are formal events with entry commitments ranging from $1,000 to $2,300 per person. Not this one! Remember, this is a family event, tailored for families. An entire family is only $500 – all you can eat (adult children [18+] are $250). Children under 18 are free when accompanied by a parent. All who attend can meet Mitt Romney, play in the jumpy house, paint faces, etc.

Of course, you could have done all that at the OC Fair for around $7, except for the meeting Mitt Romney part. But there's more...Hugh Hewitt will be showing up!

If Double-H would guarantee us that he'd paint his face and enjoy the jumpy house, it might actually be worth the price of admission.


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