Casus Belli

Regardless of what many pacifists would like to believe, the cause of war is not always entirely purposeless. It's one way that nations are formed, allied together, and divided and sometimes things really are worth fighting for. But then, of course, sometimes there's a case where recklessly unchecked power and entitlement (which 250 years of our somewhat well-built democracy was unfortunately unable to predict and prevent) leads to pointless carnage—which brings me to the Bush Administration. Let's document the atrocities for the umpteenth time, shall we? The WMDs appear to be nonexistent. The preemptive and poorly planned invasion of an autonomous nation—which might have been stopped by the United Nations had they any existing force left in global politics—has left us nearly bankrupt and reeling. We've pretty much forgotten about Afghanistan, another autonomous nation we destroyed with little thought to the consequences. And of course, let's not ignore the administration's unbelievable abandonment of its own nation. But hey, what's a little 30 percent approval rating among friends?

When power has become so overrun that Fox News seems to be running the show, can it really matter that people gather and march and say enough is enough? To quote Gore Vidal (and every protesting voice in history), "Well, of course it matters." Get on the OC Peace Bus to Los Angeles for the March 17th End the Occupations ride. To reserve a seat, please notify Jorge Vera at or call (714) 585-2836 on the day of the event. Seats are available on a donation basis up to $15. No one will be turned away for lack of funds as long as reservations have been made in advance. Enough is enough.

OC Peace Bus departing from the Denny's Parking Lot, 1501 W. 17th St., Santa Ana. Sat., 10 a.m. $15 suggested donation.


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