Carona: Finally Looking Relaxed

Check out this excerpt from Mike Carona's campaign to get re-elected as OC Sheriff.

First - the shot on the left. There's no way on earth or anywhere else that facial expression could ever be construed as a smile. So what's it supposed to be? A knowing grimace? A satisfied exhalation at two terms' worth of job well done? To be honest, it looks like he's right in the home stretch of a prolonged and much-delayed leak. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. Little Sheriff, you're doin' a heck of a job. Oh, that's better than Erica Hill."

Less funny but more interesting is his template "Show 'em the upper row" smile with Governor Schwarzenegger. Seem familiar? That's because it's the same smile he wore while sandwiched between Freddie Glusman and Gary Primm, as featured in an OC Weekly photo exclusive. Glusman is an alleged mob associate, while Primm owns a Nevada casino. Both are Carona campaign contributors, and the Sheriff awarded badges and guns to both as part of his Reserve Deputy program. CaronaPals


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