Carly, Tommy, Chuckie and the Demon Sheep

The Interwebs are all a-Twitter over the new campaign ad by California Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina featuring--DUNT-DUNT DUNNNNN!!!--demon sheep.

Actually, for the rest of this post to make any sense at all, you should first check out the spot, which cannot be embedded here only linked to. Warning: it's baaaaaa-ad, clocking in at 3:21 minutes, feeling like half an hour:

For those adverse to actually viewing hand-picked GOP fat cat propaganda, here's the poop--sheep poop if you will: Carly for California--do they avoid the Fiorina because they know some lilly white voters don't trust anyone with an "Eye-talian" last name?--alleges that fellow Senate candidate for the Republican nomination is a "FCINO," Fiscal Conservative In Name Only.

This point is driven home by bringing up tax hikes former congressman and Schwarzenegger budget guru Campbell has supported over the years and his resistance so far to sign an anti-tax pledge in the current race (unlike Fiorina). The point is illustrated with real sheep and a fake one with lL.E.D.-red eyes, meant to represent a sheep in wolf's clothing. Sweet!

Well, Mr. Interwebs hisself, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine), a third candidate seeking the same GOP nomination for the Senate seat, has made hay out of the demonic sheep ad with a special Society For The Eradication Of Demon Sheep From Our Political Discourse (S.F.T.F.O.D.S.F.O.P.D.) page.

DeVore, who is trying to pull a tea-baggy Scott Brown maneuver in the Golden State, also overlays S.F.T.F.O.D.S.F.O.P.D.-friendly type over this campaign video:

"Please pledge your efforts to stop these Jawa-like, Terminator-esque, Demon Sheep from taking over California," pleads the S.F.T.F.O.D.S.F.O.P.D. page. "PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT TODAY!"

Spoken like a true lamb before the slaughter.


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