Carly Fiorina Gets the Worm at Tequila Summit

When it comes to the four major party candidates for California's highest state offices this November--Democrat

Jerry Brown

and Republican

Meg Whitman

for governor and Democratic incumbent

Barbara Boxer

and Republican

Carly Fiorina

for U.S. Senate--it is Fiorina who has so established herself as the politician one would most enjoy having a shot of tequilia with.

At least that's the ruling so far, until someone presents video evidence that trumps what follows from the Hispanic 100 Lifetime Achievement Award event in Newport Beach this past weekend . . .

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Ironically, the same video evidence reveals Whitman would be the candidate for one of California's highest state offices this November one would least enjoy having a shot of tequilia with.

CNN is reporting right now that after their campaigns drifted apart, the "tequila summit" brought Whitman and Fiorina closer together for the stretch run.

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