No means no, Carlos
No means no, Carlos

Carlos Rosario Gonzales Murders over OC Club's No-Fondling-the-Strippers Rule

After spending three hours inside a Santa Ana strip club with his friends on an October 2006 afternoon, Carlos Rosario Gonzales couldn't bring himself to obey the club's rule: Don't fondle the strippers.

Worse, Gonzales couldn't appreciate that the club's security wanted to eject him when he became argumentative about the simple rule and demanded to confront the strippers.

Even worse, the violent 34-year-old convicted felon and his buddies were willing to fight to get their way.

While his buddies fought with security in the parking lot, Gonzales walked to his truck, retrieved a .38-caliber revolver, yelled, "Fuck you, motherfucker," and shot bouncer Michael Blankenhorn in the back.

According to court records, the fatal bullet pierced Blankenhorn's heart and lungs.

In 2009, an Orange County jury didn't buy Gonzales' defense: he'd shot the bouncer solely to protect one of his buddies from being attacked. Believing that the defendant was now a Third Striker (assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and now murder), Superior Court Judge John Conley sentenced him to a whopping prison term of 100 years to life, plus an additional 10 years.

Gonzales appealed, claiming he was innocent and that jurors should not have learned about his prior convictions because the knowledge discredited his defense. He also asserted that prosecutors had not adequately proved his 1998 felony assault conviction qualified as a strike.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered the complaints and partially agreed with Gonzales. Judge Conley shouldn't have applied the assault strike because of a technicality. That means that Gonzales' punishment likely will be substantially reduced.

But a three-justice panel directed by Richard M. Aronson also concluded that he was guilty of murder.

According to court records, Judge Conley has not yet scheduled a re-sentencing hearing.

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