Carlos Alberto Leon, Methed-Up, Fishing Pole- Wielding, Alleged Cop Slasher, Could Get Life

Carlos Alberto Leon, Methed-Up, Fishing Pole- Wielding, Alleged Cop Slasher, Could Get Life

A man Tustin Police described after his arrest Thursday as methed-up, wielding a fishing pole and slashing the neck and face of an officer with the cop's own knife was scheduled to be arraigned today on a laundry list of felony charges.

Carlos Alberto Leon, 28, of Tustin, could win life in state prison if he is convicted of attempted murder of a peace officer, aggravated assault on a peace officer, two counts of deterring an executive officer and sentencing enhancements for causing great bodily injury and the personal used of a deadly weapon.

Leon was high on methamphetamine Thursday night when his brother arrived home in the 15000 block of Williams Avenue, got into a confrontation with Leon and was threatened with death, according to Tustin Police, who took the brother's call for help.

Two Tustin officers arrived and tried to restrain Leon, who is accused of resisting and being uncooperative while holding a fishing pole. While struggling with Leon, one officer fired a Taser an him, but it seemed to have no effect on the combatant, who managed to grab the knife of a cop identified as Officer Nguyen.

Threatening to kill the officers, Leon lunged and slashed the neck and face of Nguyen, according to prosecutors, who say the suspect was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

Taken to a local hospital with serious stab wounds, Nguyen ultimately received multiple stitches to his face and arm and treatment for a slash wound on his neck. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Leon was himself treated for a cut to his hand before being transferred to the central jail, where he was held in lieu of $1 million bail.

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