Caring for Creation is So Hot Right Now

The Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment presents its 9th annual Caring for Creation Interfaith Conference from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Tustin. The event, which is open to all, explores "the moral imperative of all people of faith to address the urgent environmental problems facing humankind." Creation Spirituality leader Matthew Fox gives the keynote address, an Earth Celebration with Native American dance and music will be presented and representatives of the world's faiths give environment-tinged readings. Workshops give tips on integrating a commitment to the environment into daily life. For admission charges and to make reservations, call co-chairs Sherri Loveland at (714) 552-0333 or Margaret Henke at (714) 731-6775, or visit here.

Faith and the environment is a hot topic right now--particularly as the world you know who created in seven days is getting hotter. Check this out from the Grist online environmental magazine:

A surge of ecological concern among evangelical Christians could invigorate the fight against climate change, and even the environmental movement as a whole. Renowned journalist Bill Moyers investigates this trend in the PBS special Is God Green?, which airs on Oct. 11; watch an exclusive preview on the Grist website. And Grist will delve into the topic more deeply in a special series that begins today, which includes an interview with Moyers, a report from Bill McKibben, and a chat with evangelical author J. Matthew Sleeth. Stay tuned for more over the coming days, including an interview with famed biologist E. O. Wilson about his new book, The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth.


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