"Cannabis Planet" Takes Over Late Nights on KDOC TV

"Cannabis Planet" Takes Over Late Nights on KDOC TV

Late nights on Irvine-based KDOC TV/Channel 56--which famously featured right-wing wingnut Wally George's Hot Seat and, less famously, lifelong adolescent Poorman's various programs--is about to go to pot.

Cannabis Planet, a new weekly half-hour news show, premieres at midnight July 31 and will continue at that time Thursdays and Saturdays for 13 consecutive weeks. It will cover "the merits of the cannabis plant (medicinally, industrially, agriculturally), and the benefits this plant brings to planet earth, mankind and the United States," say producers.

The show is co-hosted by West Coast Cannabis Magazine publisher Ngaio Bealum and medical marijuana activist Sarah Diesel. Horticulturist and author Ed Rosenthal, who serves as resident cannabis expert, will provide weekly growing tips. But topics will extend beyond pot as medicine or hemp as an industrial product, focusing on music, entertainment and celebrity tie-ins to the wonder plant as well.

"We are very excited to be bringing the latest in cannabis news and information into millions of living room each week," says Brad Lane, the Cannabis Planet creator and executive producer. "The show will also be available on the Internet, but we think the information is important enough to be seen on television."

When his program airs on Thursdays, it follows Rod Serling's original The Twilight Zone, creating a solid stoner hour of television.


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