Saying "no" is exhausting
Saying "no" is exhausting

Can Somebody Wake Up Van Tran?

Saying "no" is exhausting

I'd been wondering when my favorite Van Tran photo would appear in a campaign ad and this morning Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez obliged.

No, it's not the one of Tran hugging Mike Carona in a photograph that recorded the Republican assemblyman happily accepting a real sheriff's badge from the crooked sheriff before the FBI and IRS arrested our top cop.

This other photo is perhaps worse.

It shows a scarf-clad, double-chinned Tran leaning back in his chair, eyes tightly shut and probably asleep in the state capitol's assembly chamber in Sacramento.

You can easily imagine he's snoring.

Today's 32-second Sanchez ad pounces on the image.

A narrator details California economic woes and then asks, "What is Assemblyman Van Tran doing?  Nothing. Van Tran is sleeping on the job. Wake up, Van Tran!"

The words are supplemented by a soundtrack of a man snoring.


In fairness, Tran was probably asleep because he hadn't yet received additional instructions from his Republican Party bosses.

In the only competitive congressional race in Orange County, Tran is reportedly within two or three polling percentage points of incumbent Democrat Sanchez.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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