Campaign to Bring Michael Jackson's "Captain EO" Back to Disneyland Has 2 Problems

As someone commenting on this previous post revealed, an online petition drive has been launched to urge Disneyland to bring back the Captain EO attraction in light of Michael Jackson's death. But there are two problems with this:

1) The site being used to pull this off,, has no single, unified petition but at least four different efforts. Save Captain EO, which has 223 supporters toward a goal of getting 10,000, calls for either the attraction's return or the release of the film on DVD. Bring Back Captain EO to Disneyland (supporters: 615; goal: 100,000) simply wants to do that. Captain EO 3-D DVD Release (253; 100,000) only wants that to happen. Rerelease MJ Captain EO & Moonwalker (95; 100,000) mentions EO in the title, but the description only calls for the release of the Moonwalker compilation that was once available on VHS. Not to be confused with any of these is Send Michael Jackson to Heaven, which calls on God to accept the Gloved One through the Pearly Gates. It has 44 supporters toward its 1 million goal. Good luck with that one.

The problem, besides each petition being waaaay off in reaching their respective goals, is they tend to cancel one another out. True, there is nothing stopping MJ/EO fanatics from signing each one, but spreading the word would be much easier if there was a single online petition campaign to get behind.

Of course, this pales compared to . . .

2) There has been stony silence from Disneyland officials about whether:

a) they have also received requests to bring back Captain EO;

b) they are even considering it;

c) a special run is even technologically possible.

After all, the 3-D Captain EO movie was made with the technology of the 1980s, but the playback equipment has advanced mightily since then. It could be like running an old 8-track tape through your iPod. Or maybe not. Who knows? The Mouse hasn't returned Clockwork's queries.

That may be understandable--in a corporate, emotionless, always-protect-the-bottom-line sort of way. Back when Captain EO opened at Disneyland in 1986, then-CEO Michael Eisner and his yes men boasted about how often Jackson visited the park, in disguise and out, often several times monthly. But after MJ's assorted legal problems and rumors involving kiddie diddling, the Magic Kingdom has distanced itself from him.

There's a feeling in the air now to celebrate Jackson the artist, despite his faults. But by the time EO could be readied for Disneyland guests, there will be toxicology reports and paternity claims and all sorts of ugliness that could come out. The conservative approach, in the upper Mouseketeer corproate suites would be to ignore petitions, media queries and King of Pop sentiment.  


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