Calvary Chapel to Screen Anti-Obama Docu 2016: Obama's America Tomorrow, Spits on Separation of Church and State

You gotta hand it to Calvary Chapel. They have long claimed that they're above worldly matters, that they only care about the End Times and Rapture--and that's why they're more than happy to stick their nose into worldly affairs, whether it's school districts wanting to issue domestic-partner benefits to their employees, or Hollywood's many, many films. So when it comes to IRS codes prohibiting churches from taking a stand on political issues, not only will Chuck Smith thumb his nose at said laws, he'll pick a nugget, fling it at the government, then pick his schnozz again and smear some snot at it.

That explains why tomorrow, Big Calvary will screen the laughable "documentary," 2016: Obama's America.

And this shows how hypocritical Chuckie and his crew are. They rail about family values, about the sanctity of marriage and such--but the film's maker, conservative blowhard Dinesh D'Souza, is currently persona non grata in evangelical circles because he's already shacking up with a gal 20 years his junior despite having not yet separated from his wife. But, hey: hypocrisy and Calvary Chapel go together like Papa Chuck and Hawaiian shirts.

Calvary has already screened the flick, leading to an article in the Hollywood Reporter last month questioning whether Calvary could do this without facing government sanctions. Calvary doesn't care--but if it was the Unitarian-Universalists endorsing some Green Party candidate? You know they'd cry foul to the very Caesar they seek to dismantle. Fun times@

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